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  • Do you perform at children's birthday parties?
    I do! For kids' parties I perform a 50 minute, highly interactive magic show, and the kids get to help with every trick. The birthday child is always the star!
  • How long are your performances?
    Depending on the age of the guests, my shows last between 45-50 minutes long. For shows with guests ages 10 and older, the show might run 50-55 minutes long. If the party is for kids ages 4-9, then the show might run around 45 minutes long.
  • Can you perform a show outside?
    Performing outside is usually not a problem, as long as the weather is nice. Unfortunately if it is raining, windy, or humid I would not be able to perform outside, as the bad weather could damage our props. Also, our magic backdrop is only available for indoor performances.
  • Do you just do kids' parties?
    I love performing for kids, however over the past 2 years I have begun performing for adult gatherings and corporate events much more frequently. For more information about my adult/corporate magic appearances, visit
  • How much time do you need to set up?
    I usually arrive 45-50 minutes before the show is scheduled to start, and I would love to spend the first 15 minutes getting to know your family & showing the kids a few "sneak peak" tricks! After that, I will need at least 25 minutes without the children around to set up. For shows where I bring my backdrop, 30 minutes might be needed to set up.
  • Do you have any public events where I can see you perform?
    Yes! I perform table magic during many of the Lowell Spinners games, and I also perform a weekly magic show for all the guests staying at Huttopia White Mountains (in Albany, NH) every Friday night from June 28 - August 30. I will be performing at Huttopia's Southern Maine location every saturday night from July 6 - August 31. I will post any other public shows and events on my Facebook page.
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